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Generator set 300KVA/ 240KW 433amp

generatorset 300 KVA / 240 KW 400/240 volt – 433 Amp – 50 Hz Engine IVECO type 8210 completely revised engine 0 working hours and 6 month warranty. This is a complete system with airfilter, mufler and radiator. Electronic speedadjuster Woodward . (constant frequentie) Engine safety on oilpressure, temperature and overspeed. System has a dashboard with readings from engine and generator. Main circuit breaker 500 amps. On chassis with 800 liter tank Engine and generator toroughly tested and the Generator is extra...

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Bosch EPS 200 common rail injector tester

Bosch EPS 200 COMMON RAIL INJECTOR TESTER In new condition, perfectly working

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Engine blocks and parts

We have a large inventory of used and rebuild engine blocks and parts in stock. Are you looking for something ? Do you want to buy a whole lot of engines, parts or apparel, then contact us for more...

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Engine test bank Zöllner

This is a complete set up for engine testing, electric dynamometer with elektro brake, complete with cooling circuit and fuel tanks. The system is fully functional and can be tested at our facility in Belgium. The Zöllner Dynamometer can test up to 220hp at 7000 rpm, the electric brake produces up to...

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OM119851 Mercedes Engine

Rebuild OM119851 Mercedes Engine

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